Angelika: A script font with stylistic alternates and ligatures. It’s modern and whimsy appearance make it a great option for many applications.
Chaos Made: A 2 part all-caps modern gothic font with chaotic spurs, graceful curves and a brutal overall appearance. Perfect for Halloween and applications requiring a certain….horror aesthetic.  
Ornstein: A simple, eye catching font, both modern and Gothic. A popular font and for good reason!
Fluidz: A brand new font designed for a range of uses, most notably logos requiring a modern, sleek appearance. With a huge number of contextual alternates, it’s fluid by design, giving you the freedom to express originality with a unique look.
Knights Squire: A whimsy, fun and modern script with swashes. Light, playful and adaptable!
Lindas: A modern Calligraphic font using more vertical space than is normal. Easy to read and versatile. 
Benafor: A modern brush font with alternates
Excelcius: A bold uppercase font with both sharp and rounded elements. 
Renegade: A decorative font with a gothic style, smooth sweeping flourishes and sharp, crisp spurs. 
The Bee Line: A Flashy Italic font with a particular emphasis on speed and motion.